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Useful campaign ideas [Tested by Clients]

By August 9, 2019November 5th, 2020No Comments

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Nowadays people are becoming more and more immune towards Ads they see on their social media sites. Many think that they are interrupting, frustrating and pushing them towards buying products that they might not necessarily need therefore there is a trend in growing Ad Block usage. This is a problem for companies that try to reach their audience through online advertisements. Keep reading and see our useful influencer campaign ideas that actually work.

So who is blocking Ads?

30% of internet users block Ads , mainly the younger generations aged between 16-36. Half of them think that there are too many ads, they are either annoying or irrelevant and intrusive


That is when influencer marketing comes in handy. It is a great way to show the value of your product being used by common people that show credibility, authenticity and trust to their followers. It is a great way to reach (new) people, let your brand known, improve customer satisfaction and on and on… 


But now…


What kind of campaigns can you actually create or how could you stand out of all the other influencer campaigns.? We, here at Cocolab, strive to create new innovative ideas on how to do campaigns that are more unique. Don’t just tell the influencers to take a picture with your product but spice it up a little bit. 


For awareness

You could stick to the traditional “we send you the product, you take the picture then post” OR you could request the influencers to make a video of their unboxing which is much more personal, more emotionally filled and truly showing their first impression of your product.

Another idea could be (if geographically possible) to set up 2-3 influencers to meet and take a collaborated picture, creating an “influencer combo”. Also think of arranging a meeting with them, like a small event, enabling them to make videos of the event then posting it on their Instagram story. You, the brand could additionally share a message about your brand values, perhaps on your social media featuring the influencer. Mix it up and get some airtime on both sides! It all would focus on your brand’s product and the experience regarding the event. That would be a great opportunity for you to connect on a more personal level with your audience.

If you want to do something more unique it is possible to make the product more personalized such as engravings in fashion items. To stir a bigger buzz you could surprise the shoppers with a freebie product that is not necessarily expensive, for example if they buy a pair of shoes give them an extra pair of shoelaces that are unique and matching with the shoes. You know what we mean… 


Improve your sales

Connect a promo code to the influencers so their audience can enjoy a discount for the products or free shipping, it’s really up to your brand! Or… just simply request your influencers to create an aesthetic outfit post. If your brand is related to fashion, then post with your brand tagged/ linked to it. 

It is possible to personalize in this category as well, give limited edition packaging for those who buy through the influencers and make that known to the audience. Who doesn’t like if they get a unique product or limited edition, right? 

Lastly, be a good Samaritan and let the reached people know that you donate some percentage of the sales to an organization. It’s a win for you and the people you give back to. 


We hope that you got some ideas now on how to build up your next campaign! Now it’s your turn to get creative.

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