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Product updates

New release:

December 22nd 2020

Cross-device conversion tracking

A new algorithm that tracks sales across different browsers and devices. Meaning that if for instance the follower clicks on a link on their Mobile device, and then makes their conversion on their work PC, the conversion will be tracked. The algorithm undergoes constant improvements and becomes more precise.

New release:

November 10th 2020

Influencer inbound page

A branded page that allow influencers to sign themselves up for a specific brand. Once they complete the information, their profile will be sent to the AI Match Maker and they will automatically receive a match score against the brand in question.

See an example of the page here.

Platform maintenance

Small bug fixes and improvements.

New release:

October 22nd 2020

Link to a specific page

Direct the influencer’s link to a specific page on your web-shop.

Link to a specific page

Magento 1.9 integration

Connect to your Magento 1.9.x web-shop and track campaigns via your influencers.

New release:

October 13th 2020

Discount code tracking for Shopify

Track sales through discount codes, and apply a commission percentage for influencers that generate sales.

New release:

September 24th 2020

Performance report email

Get a daily or weekly performance report sent to your inbox.

Daily performance toggle

Small fixes and maintenance

Over 20 small fixes and UX / UI improvements.

New release:

September 14th 2020


All campaigns and reporting can be shown in different currencies.

Currency selector

Profile links

When using the AI tools you can now click on the profile link to open the profile directly.

Small fixes and maintenance

Fixing of small bugs and making minor improvements.

New release:

August 20th 2020

France added to the database

It is now possible to use the New Influencer Explorer on French influencers.

France in the influencer explorer

Platform maintenance

Small bug fixes and platform stabilisation.

New release:

July 6th 2020

WooCommerce integration

Brands can now connect their WooCommerce shop and run campaigns.

Connect WooCommerce store

Click commission

It is now possible to pay commission for unique clicks generated by influencers. A very powerful feature for activities further up in the funnel.

New release:

June 15th 2020

Secondary link for influencers

Influencers can now create their own unique link, instead of using the automated (less pretty) one. This feature is great for putting into the post body of instagram, as it is remembered easier by followers.

influencer secondary link

New release:

May 5th 2020

Additional fee

Give influencers an additional fee on top of what they earn in commission.

Additional influencer fee

Safari browser fix

A fix for tracking cookies in Safari, after Apple has tightened their 3rd party cookie policy.

New release:

April 10th 2020

Campaign Manager for Shopify

Campaigns are your tool to track the effectiveness of your influencer activities. Nothing is more important than being able to tell how much you’re getting in return from your investment, and the campaign tools help you answer this.

Cocolab reporting template


The Resource area is where you can find guide, templates and know-how.

Resource area

New release:

February 12th 2020

New Influencer Explorer

The New Influencer explorer will return a list of perfectly matched profiles, based on a set of filters defined by you. Meaning that you don’t need to know the profiles beforehand, and basically this is a great way of finding new influencers, and / or going to new markets.

New Influencer Explorer

Influencer match score break-down

The score now shows how much weight the AI algorithm has put on the visual assets, and how much on post copy.

How to read the Cocolab results