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Is Influencer marketing dead? [Information]

By August 28, 2019November 5th, 2020No Comments

Will influencer marketing die? Does it have a future? Is there a reason to do it? Is influencer marketing dead?…

Many get these thoughts understandably since influencer marketing has been around for a few years now. Due to that brands get the impression that ‘influencer marketing is somewhat over so they need to shift to a different strategy. It’s important to note that influencer marketing is present since the beginning of the 20th century. Just think about Santa Claus endorsing Coca-Cola affecting consumers’ buying decision heavily and doctors promoting cigarettes. Then celebrities came into the picture when brands started emerging and now we are at a point surrounded with countless brands and products.

It all points towards that

People increasingly rely on a third party’s opinion or ideas when it comes to buying a product or service. This hasn’t come to an end! I personally do search for posts on Instagram before purchasing specific products. In the search field I type a product’s hashtag to see how others use or style it – especially if it’s a fashion product. I myself rely on a third party’s opinion, but seriously who doesn’t? So is influencer marketing really dead?

Definitely no!

In fact, it’s growing. More and more brands are integrating influencer marketing in their strategies  and why? Because they know it’s useful! It is especially a handy strategy for those that are in specific industries such as health, fashion, skincare, beauty, electronics, food and many more. People never stop caring about how other people feel about a product or service. Indeed a product becomes more relatable to an end user once it is recommended by an influencer, who can simply be a person close to you such as a friend or family member, or a so-called value-added influencer (celebrity, journalist or industry expert).

I think everyone can agree with the fact that customers are becoming more and more sensitive to what they purchase. They are conscious buyers looking at the materials your product is made from and looking at how sustainable it is. They pay attention to how your supply chain looks like, what are the circumstances the products are made in etc. If it’s a service we are talking about, they seek the one that has the best value for them.

The research becomes much easier for them if they see someone they know using the products! Seeing someone they know or religiously follow makes a big impact on them. It gives a reassurance on each point of the shopper journey. 

You can see that content created by users on social media is growing just like the number of people that are active on Instagram, which is one of the main platforms for influencer marketing. These indicate that several specific marketing goals could be achieved on social media through influencers such as brand awareness, growth in audience and traffic, increasing brand knowledge and converting leads to sales while more and more people are active creating a chance for bigger exposure. That’s why more and more brands invest into this strategy.

monthly active instagram users 2013 2018 instagram number of brand sponsored influencer posts


Influencer marketing is not dead and is estimated to grow due to the advantages of it. If others do it, why would YOU skip it? I recommend you to implement it in your brand’s strategy if you have not done it before. Why? Because numbers show that it’s worth it! 


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