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Harness the power of Influencer Performance Marketing

Imagining is no longer necessary as with Cocolab you can do just that …and much more!

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What is at the core of Cocolab

Real time performance at your fingertips

Use artificial intelligence

Finding new influencers that match your brand isn’t easy, well it is now! Cocolab uses advanced AI to find the perfect influencers that match your brand perfectly – easy and simple.

Web-shop connection made in seconds

Cocolab integrates to your Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento web-shop in seconds, and uses innovative cross-device tracking technology.

Only pay for what you get

With Cocolab you only pay influencers when they perform. No need for contracts or other time waste, making your business more efficient and allows you to focus on your ROI.

Activate audiences in multiple layers

Activate audiences in multiple layers and make Cocolab do the hard work of generating higher and more relevant reach.

Build your own influencer database

All influencers you work with will belong to your database – reuse the best ones for future campaigns and form long lasting relationships.

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Platform features shown
Performance dashboard with essential campaign stats. See clicks, conversion rates, orders and commissions – at campaign or influencer level.
Invite influencers to campaigns easily and fast. Search your database for the best performing content-creators and activate them in your campaigns.
Campaign creation and management in seconds.
Influencer matching against your brand by using artificial intelligence.

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What Are Our Clients Saying About Us

“Having the opportunity to reward influencers only when they perform, has really made a positive difference for us. Now we know exactly who performs how and how much they are worth.”

Allan Jensen - Managing DirectorIdun Denmark

“Using Cocolab means we have full transparency over our influencer activities. We know exactly how much we are going to spend and which effect it will bring – a game changer for our industry.”

Lasse Nielsen, CEORackbuddy

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