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How to improve your influencer marketing [Guide]

By October 21, 2019November 5th, 2020No Comments

If you have done influencer marketing before you might have experienced that you didn’t get the result you wished for or it didn’t compare to other brands’ outcome.  So what could possibly go wrong with your campaign? How could you improve your influencer marketing?

There are multiple factors contributing to a great outcome but done incorrectly can cause the opposite.

Some common mistakes could be:

  • Using the wrong social media platform for the campaign
  • Bad relationships with influencers
  • Miscommunication
  • Using the wrong influencers

These are just a few examples, but there could be multiple factors. In this post you can read more about how to avoid mistakes so you can improve your future influencer campaigns.

Step 1: Choose the right influencer for the right audience

Choosing the right influencer is crucial but in order to do that, you first have to carefully choose your target audience for the campaign. If it is a product, who is it for? How does it benefit the person and so on?

The future influencer you are going to work with in the campaign is supposed to be a persona for that target group. Note that the influencer is the channel between your brand and the audience of the influencer. Therefore your brand should have a lot in common with the influencer, for instance values, tone of voice, look & feel etc

When you set the target audience you have to look for influencers. Make sure you check out their content to see whether your brand’s profile matches with the influencer or not. It is important that your product or service is in context with the influencer’s previous content, so it doesn’t stand out too much. Also scroll through their followers to have a better understanding if the influencer has a matching audience or not. Look through the comments on the influencer’s content to see how their behavior is. All of these require time but it is worth doing. The more accurate the audience research is the better your influencer will perform.

Of course you have to keep in mind to use the social channel that is the most used by your audience. By that I mean if your audience is more active on Facebook, why would you choose to have a campaign on Instagram? 

Step 2: A genuine relationship and content

If you want to reach out to an influencer first you have to contact the influencer through a catchy invitation that will make the influencer interested in your brand. Let’s say the influencer checks out your profile and likes what you do and shares the same values as you. That already creates a bond between the influencer and you – a great way to start!

Keep in mind to treat the influencer with respect afterwards. Ask about how the product or service was perceived by the audience. Invite her or him to an exclusive event or treat them a little bit better than regular customers. The point is to keep in touch with the influencer and create a good chemistry between you and them. 

If you bring an influencer onboard, as you get to a phase where it’s time for a content direction for your product, try restraining yourself from setting up really strict rules for the influencer. By that the person could feel intimidated and the post he or she will create will lose authenticity – not really saying anything real about your brand. That can of course worsen your relationship with the influencer, steer clear of that.

Why is that bad? Well, if the audience knows the influencer very well they will instantly recognize if there is a change in style or tone and recognize it as a fake post. This will not only affect your brand but the influencer as well. 

To conclude 

First, find the right influencer for the right target audience.

Secondly, treat the influencer as a human being instead of a marketing tool. Don’t take away a person’s voice but let genuine content come into the world.

If you keep these in mind, improvement is guaranteed!

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