How to logon to the Cocolab platform as an influencer in 2 easy steps

1. Go to the login page and switch to “Influencer” by clicking on the tab.


2. Click on Login with Facebook and allow the connection to be made.

You’re now logged in to Cocolab – Hurray!

Switch to influencer on the tab

That’s it! You’re now rockin’ and rollin’ your campaigns like a pro.

Once you have done the above steps – you’re done and can be invited to campaigns. You will never need to logon again, as the campaign links will be sent to you via email every time you are invited to a campaign (if this is your first time logging on, you might want to inform the brand that you are now ready to be invited).

If you would like to logon to find and edit your link, see your performance and campaign details, then click on the arrow below for instructions.

Campaign list

Click on CAMPAIGNS to see all campaigns you are participating in.

See the campaign details

Clicking on SEE DETAILS will give you an overview of the campaign, and description of what needs to happen.

See this page on how to find and edit your link

Make sure you tell your audience to click on the link, as it will not always be obvious to them. Try to add some excitement to your text, e.g. “Find the link in my Bio and let’s start making the world a better place” or “Get your pre-order edition today by clicking on the link in my Bio”.

Check your performance

Click on the PERFORMANCE button to see how you are performing.

Here you see how many clicks you have generated, how much sale you have contributed with and how much commission you have earned.