How to use the Cocolab platform as an influencer in 8 easy steps

1. Go to the login page and switch to “Influencer” by clicking on the tab.


2. Click on Login with Facebook and allow the connection to be made.

You’re now logged in to Cocolab – Hurray!

Switch to influencer on the tab

3. Update your PayPal account email address (only needs to be done once)

Before brands can invite you to their campaigns, you need to enter your PayPal email address under your profile. This is simply to make sure brands have at least one way of paying out your commission.

Click on profile settings

Go to Profile Settings in the upper right corner of your screen.

Click on EDIT PROFILE, and enter your PayPal account email.

Click on UPDATE.

NOTE: if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can simply enter your email address, and agree to the commission settlement with the brand.

4. You’re now ready to be invited to and join campaigns

Brands can now find you and invite you to their campaigns. If this is your first time using Cocolab, you might want to inform the brand that your profile is now setup.

5. The brand invites you to a campaign

Once you are invited, you will receive an email in the inbox associated with with your Facebook account.

All campaigns you have joined will show up under CAMPAIGNS.

6. See the campaign details

Clicking on SEE DETAILS will give you an overview of the campaign, and description of what needs to happen.

7. Get your sales link

If you scroll down, you will find your unique link. Copy the link and use it in your posts.

Every time the link is clicked and generates a sale, it is tracked and the sale is attributed to you. Feel free to use a link-shortener service like if you want.

The link can be used anywhere: on Facebook, Blogs, Webpages etc. but works best in your Bio on Instagram or as a “Swipe-up” function.

Make sure you tell your audience to click on the link, as it will not always be obvious to them. Try to add some excitement to your text, e.g. “Find the link in my Bio and let’s start making the world a better place” or “Get your pre-order edition today by clicking on the link in my Bio”.

8. Check your performance

Click on the PERFORMANCE button to see how you are performing.

Here you see how many clicks you have generated, how much sale you have contributed with and how much commission you have earned.

That’s it! You’re now rockin’ and rollin’ your campaigns like a pro.