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How to track Instagram Stories, Reels and IGTV [New Guide]

By September 23, 2020December 7th, 2020No Comments

Since the launch of Instagram back in 2010 several new products or formats have been added to the original “static” image. Some of these new features are the organic evolution of the app, whilst others have been added as a direct attempt to fight back against competition – that is the case with Reels trying to catch up with the growth of TikTok.

The days where vanity metrics like reach, impressions and engagement are the only way of measuring success are gone. Influencers need to prove their worth by sending traffic to webshops that result in sales. Tracking of clicks and sales is typically done through links as these are able to connect the effect with the activity of the influencer. However not all content formats allow direct links, so at Cocolab we have developed a short and easy-to-remember link that can be placed on top of the content together with a strong Call-to-Action. This is what we call the “Secondary link”.

Examples of content formats and linking options:

Swipe up example

Swipe-up on stories

If the swipe up function is available use a normal tracking link. The swipe up function is available for profiles which are approved content creators or have more than 10K followers.

Make sure the Swipe up Call-to-Action is telling the followers what to do and what will happen if they swipe-up. A Call-to-Action does not always have to be “Shop now”. It can also be softer, i.e. “learn more”, “Explore” etc.

Stories work best when they are moving or have animated elements or stickers.

Story without swipe-up

If the Swipe-up function is not an option (which will be the case for the majority of nano and micro influencers), then you need to put the creative hat on.

Direct links cannot be used, therefore you need to utilize the Secondary short link directly on your creative. Make sure you are crisp in your communication and use good Call-to-actions. Tell the follower to use the short link in a browser.

Remember, stories work best when they are animated and when there is a nice creative touch on them.

Example of story without swipe up


Reels are somewhat like stories, but without the Swipe-up function. Once again you need to get creative and use stickers and your Secondary link. Tell your followers what the link will do and that they need to enter it in their browser (cannot be clicked).

Reels allow a caption where you can add tags and of course your link. Make sure you don’t forget this section, as here you have the option to provide more info if needed.

Just like Stories, Reels work best when they are moving or have animated elements or stickers, and music of course. 


IGTV is like the YouTube of Instagram. You can create long videos, giving you the opportunity to create richer and deeper content via your influencers.

IGTV does not not have an option to put creative and stickers on the video, but you can add a caption like on Reels. Make sure you use it.

We do advise to use creative in the videos though, as the effect is much better. For this you can use 3rd party apps.

Use these apps to add stickers and text:

IGTV example

How the short Secondary link works

The Secondary link is an alternative to the primary link, and we have developed it specifically for content formats that do no allow direct linking. They both work at the same time and do the same thing (track clicks and sales). The primary link however, is not very sexy and hard to remember – this is how they usually look https://www.link-to.shop/2N1XNL/SWSRPM/

The Secondary link on the other hand is short and customizable, making it perfect for media that does not allow direct links, as it can be remembered and entered manually into a browser by the follower. An example of this could be: mylink.club/Anna

As an influencer you can customize your link when you login to Cocolab and go to the campaign. Remember that only one of the same Secondary links can exist at the same time. If the desired link extension is being used in another campaign, you can try making your extension more unique. Once the campaign finishes, the Secondary link will no longer be active and can now be used in another campaign.

Want help with tracking influencer activities?

Book a free 30 min session

Want help with tracking influencer activities?

Book a free 30 min session

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