How to find and use your sales link

Watch the short video or read the guide below.

1. Link in campaign email

You will receive an email as soon as you have been invited to any campaign. The email contains your sales link.

This link is identical with the one you find by following section 2 below.

2. Find your link on the Cocolab platform

Switch to influencer on the tab

A. Start by logging in to the Cocolab platform by using your Facebook account.

B. Navigate to the campaign in question and click on “SEE DETAILS”.

Primary sales link

C. Find your Primary link by scrolling down on the Campaign Details page.

3. Customize your link

A. Login and find the Campaign Details page like described above in section 2.

Secondary link

B. You will find your Secondary link below the Primary link (section 2).

The Secondary link is not active until you type in your extension and SAVE it.

Please notice that two identical link extensions cannot exist at the same time. Meaning that if your chosen link extension is being used in another campaign, it will not be saved. Once the other campaign has finished, the extension will become available again.