Just another influencer marketing platform?

Not quite – we do things differently!
We have listened to the market needs and are turning things upside down.

Cocolab is engineered in a way that lets you run your influencer campaigns on your own, without having to employ a full service agency. This gives you full control over your activities and allows your ideas and creativity to come to life.

Cocolab Match Maker result and influencer database

Recruit influencers effectively

The magic begins here

Let it be said from the get-go. At Cocolab we know that solid relationships between brands and influencers matter. Relationships build professional bonds and result in more authentic content.

We know how much time and know-how it takes to find the right influencers for your brand, and that’s why we have developed an Artificial Intelligence to do that for you. It understands your brand from top to toe and delivers perfectly matched influencers from your chosen country, topic, follower-size and gender.

Still not convinced? See this page explaining the technology.

Own your database

Once recruited, the influencers stay in your database, making it easy to activate highly relevant ambassadors for any campaign or activity.

Amplify your reach in multi-level


Most agencies and platforms only concern influences and content creators in 1st level – but not Cocolab. We provide tools which help you activate the influencers of your influencers – reaching that 2nd and 3rd level of effective audiences. Yes, that’s right! Supercharging your online presence and making your brand serve a solid punch!

It’s a win-win for all

Once opted in, 2nd level influencers are also rewarded with commission rates set by you – and you constantly stay in control of number of active influencers for each campaign.

Cocolab multilayer commission feature
Cocolab reporting template

Measure, optimize and reward

An influencer centric reward-platform

Influencers are only rewarded when they perform – phew! What a welcome change. No campaign is complete without being able to track, measure, optimize and adjust. That’s why Cocolab makes a huge deal of being an Influencer-centric and ROI-transparent platform, where the effectiveness of each influencer and content creator is rewarded with your pre-determined values.


Track clicks and sales coming from influencer posts, and determine the value you want to assign to these activities. Once influencers achieve your goals they will be rewarded with your chosen percentage as commission.

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