Spot Fake Followers

Buying fake followers and Engagement

Bought followers and engagement is unfortunately a reality we have to face! However, if you spend a little energy on doing research on your influencers, you can get a pretty clear picture of their profile and followers.

So don’t waste your money on bots and fake engagement by looking at the:

  • Follow to follower ratio
  • Demographics of the followers
  • Engagement rates
  • Quality of the content
  • Engagement rate of videos

Hover the + on the image to get more information on each point.

Additionally we have created a tool which you can use to make the assessment of your influencers.

Start the assessment
Instagram profile page
Follow to follower ratio: If they have the same amount of followers as they follow, they are probably doing the follow-unfollow method. An influencer should obviously have more followers than how many they follow themselves (followings).
Engagement rate: Is the engagement rate natural? Too high engagement rate (10%+) could indicate bought engagement. Too low could indicate bough fake / bot followers.
Views on videos: Is it the same as on the static content? If it differs too much, it could be a sign of bought engagement on the static content, as influencers often forget to buy engagement on video as well.
Quality of comments: Do the comments actually make contextual sense, or are they just emojis?
Follower demographics: Are the majority of the followers from the same country as the influencer, or are they all from e.g. India? What does the profile look like. Do they have profile images, “normal” names etc.?