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Differences between influencer advertising and influencer marketing [Info]

By August 22, 2019November 5th, 2020No Comments

Influencer Advertising and Influencer Marketing have a lot in common, mainly because both of them require influencers and they are very much aligned. The difference between the two might not be visible for the audience but Influencer advertising has a bit different approach.

Influencer Marketing is a type of Marketing that focuses on people who influence a target group and audience that are potential customers. It is one of the most effective ways to reach out and increase sales, brand awareness, brand knowledge etc. It is very typical when people want to purchase an item or invest in some kind of services they first look up reviews or recommendations about the product. The audience has a good eye to distinguish whether an influencer post is original and trustworthy or not. (which is important to keep in mind).

Meanwhile Influencer Advertisement is a paid media, where influencers get paid for endorsing a product or service. There are both pros and cons for each method and it is really up to you as a brand to decide which method to stick to. There is no right or wrong to this neither recipe. (Although there are more benefits to earned media which are listed below)

Here is a real life example to make it easier to understand the difference:

Influencer marketing

The owner of this picture has around 900 followers on Instagram. You can see that she could be a great micro-influencer for fashion or travel related brands. It would be very seamless and does not seem to push a brand message. It seems authentic and looks like the picture is telling a story for instance: traveling in Greece with my favorite dress on.

influencer girl walking italy greece back wearing dress
influencer advertizer sponsored ad

Influencer advertisement

example could be where influencers state in the beginning of the post that it’s an ad or it’s sponsored. Watch out for that! The audience will see that as less credible and some might not even engage with such posts. Disregarding these differences everything else is the same.


Know your risks when you choose to advertise with an influencer instead of earning their advocacy. 

That is why at Cocolab it is emphasized to bring your own influencers and if you haven’t done it before, convert your consumers into influencers so their story about you is even more authentic.


P.S.: Of course it’s alright to pay your influencers but it’s ultimately the motivation behind the post that matters! 😉

Here is the list of differences:

difference between influencer marketing influencer advertisement differences

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