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Buy or recruit your influencers [Guide]

By June 21, 2019November 5th, 2020No Comments

… or something in between?

There probably isn’t a right or wrong for this one, and obviously it all comes down to what fits your company. But, I will share our philosophy on the matter. Because for us, buying your pool of influencers is too easy, and usually things that are easy also produce results which are not worth getting excited about. If someone tells you that they have a tool for you that allows you to run successful campaigns with one hand around your back – then run – FAST!

Because what you’re looking for with influencer marketing, is relevance and affiliation to your consumers. Which recommendation do you trust the most; the one you get from a complete stranger or the one you get from your colleague sitting next to you. Well, unless your colleague is the kind of person who puts “kick me” notes on your back, and sends emails from your computer when you are not there, you will probably trust your colleague more than the next stranger telling you to buy a product. So relevance and affiliation is important and we need to keep this in mind when thinking of influencer marketing.

So you’ve probably guessed it by now, I’m going to tell you to recruit your own influencers. Put in that extra work, break sweat and you will discover that your pool of influencers will become much more qualitative than just buying a one-off. And which group qualifies as the best possible influencers for your business? Your existing customers of course! (I bet you didn’t guess that). Obviously these will normally only become micro-influencers, but micro-influencer are very effective. So why your customers in the first place? Well here’s why:

  • they already have your product(s) in hand, no need to send them stuff,
  • they know your brand and have high brand affinity,
  • you don’t need to educate them about your products and brand,
  • you build strong relationships with your influencers,
  • their audience relate to them, and
  • the quality of your influencer database will be much higher.

OK, it all makes sense and this is now our direction, but how do we recruit our customers as influencers? Well you’ve come to the right place for the answer – and in reality the solution can be as good as your creative imagination, but here are a few ideas:

  • email blast to full email-database (segment for high value customers if possible),
  • include a recruitment section in your order confirmation email (show us how you use the product or make a review to earn commission),
  • recruit shoppers in-store,
  • shout your recruitment message out on social media,
  • create an influencer recruitment landing page with “what’s in it for me” info, or
  • include a nice recruitment pamphlet in the order shipped to your customer.

Great! We now agree to how things can become really effective for your business. And I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn’t place a little advertisement into this, because yes! of course you can build and maintain your influencer database on Cocolab – clever isn’t it!

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