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The below functions can be mixed and matched to your heart’s desire to fit your needs.

Ai Match Maker result list of influencers
The Ai Match Maker setup
The new influencer explorer setup

Match making powered by Artificial Intelligence

No more gut feelings when it comes to onboarding influencers. Our AI algorithm crunches over 12 months worth of content to make sure there is a match with your brand. The result is a score from 0 – 100.

1. Enter the profiles manually.
2. Let the algorithm find the the best profiles based on your filters.

Let influencers recruit themselves

Use our Influencer Inbound Page to automate your influencer recruitment. Once the profiles have filled in their info and why they are interested in your brand, they will be sent into our AI Match Maker for automatic match scoring.

Connect your webshop to cocolab
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Connect your webshop in seconds

Not a programmer? Not a problem! Connect your webshop easy and fast and run campaign in no time. Currently we have apps, plugins and extensions for Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento

Cross device conversion tracking

Expect nothing less. 100% GDPR friendly fingerprint algorithms identify the devices used by followers and connect them. Meaning if for instance the click is made on a mobile and the conversion on a work PC then conversion will be tracked.

Performance focussed Campaign Management Tools

ROI matters! So why not track the real E-commerce metrics you already know. Clicks, sales, conversion rates etc. are the numbers you can take with you to the bank. No more relying on fluffy vanity metrics.

Commission table overview
Commission set by brand

Pay for performance only!

Cocolab is first and foremost a commission-driven platform. As a brand you get to decide whether you want to reward your influencers for clicks, sales, activation of discount codes, a fixed fee or a mix of the above. Both commission and reporting work in all major currencies.

Run campaigns in multi-layer

We provide tools which help you activate the influencers of your influencers (MLM) – reaching that 2nd and 3rd level of effective audiences. Yes, that’s right! Supercharging your online presence and making your brand serve a solid punch! Great for big collabs and gets more effect for less.

Multilayer marketing commission
Milti-level commission explained
Table of own influencers
Influencer database filter

Own your database of influencers

Stop paying crazy agency-fees every time you want to activate an influencer. Once recruited, the influencers stay in your database, making it easy to activate highly relevant and effective influencers for any campaign or activity.

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What Are Our Clients Saying About Us

“Having the opportunity to reward influencers only when they perform, has really made a positive difference for us. Now we know exactly who performs how and how much they are worth.”

Allan Jensen - Managing DirectorIdun Denmark

“Using Cocolab means we have full transparency over our influencer activities. We know exactly how much we are going to spend and which effect it will bring – a game changer for our industry.”

Lasse Nielsen, CEORackbuddy